Offer more whenever your customers spend with Square Installments.

Offer more whenever your customers spend with Square Installments.

Customers spend with time. You can get compensated in advance.

Clients love flexibility.

They could purchase whatever they want, once they need it, having a payment per month plan.

  • Brief application. It will require a few actions and fundamental information to use.
  • Up-front everything. They see their monthly plans and total charges before they accept.
  • No nonsense. They won’t be surprised by deferred interest or prepayment charges.

More company, less hustle.

Increase your sales

Using the freedom to split big acquisitions in to smaller payments, authorized clients can buy more. Other Square businesses have observed an effect that is positive product product sales and normal order values.

Get paid in advance, risk-free

You can get compensated at the start; Square Installments handles the payment. If for example the consumer ever misses a payment, you’re fully safeguarded through the credit danger.

Set it up no fuss

Square Installments automatically works every-where you are taking re re payments with Square. No integration required.

Possible for you, possible for them.

Advertising inform your clients in regards to the scheduled system with a contact, internet banners, printing pieces, and much more. We’ll give you every thing.

Clients use They fill in a brief application that is online their particular device. Prices from 0–30% APR. *

Re re Payment If they’re approved and accept a strategy, they have a one-time-use electronic card for your company. Simply key it in and acquire paid when the business day that is next.

Accepted with invoices, too.

Do you realy deliver invoices to your prospects? Square Installments can be immediately added to your Square Invoices, to allow them to effortlessly use to fund a purchase from the comfort of their inbox.